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Let us take you on a tour around iconic places in Western Australia: Abrolhos Islands, Pink Lake, Shark Bay Heritage Area, Kalbarri and Mullewa.

Attractions & Activities

Discover the Wonders of the Abrolhos Islands with Geraldton Air Charter

Exploring the Gem of Western Australia

Nestled off the coast of Western Australia, the Abrolhos Islands are a breathtaking archipelago, renowned for their vibrant marine life, rich history, and stunning natural beauty. Geraldton Air Charter offers an unforgettable journey to this pristine paradise, providing a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of these islands from both the air and the sea.

A Bird’s Eye View of Natural Splendor

The adventure begins with a scenic flight from Geraldton, where the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean unfold beneath you. As the plane soars over the Abrolhos Islands, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of the coral atolls, the shimmering turquoise waters, and the myriad of islands that make up this enchanting archipelago.

Rich History and Diverse Wildlife

Upon landing, the tour delves into the fascinating history of the islands. Famous for the Batavia shipwreck in 1629, the islands hold stories of mutiny, survival, and maritime history. A guided walk through the islands reveals the tales behind these historic events, adding a layer of intrigue to your visit.

The Abrolhos Islands are not just about history, though. They are a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Home to a diverse range of bird species, including the rare and enchanting white-tailed tropicbird, the islands offer spectacular birdwatching opportunities. The surrounding waters are equally rich in biodiversity, with vibrant coral reefs that are a snorkeler’s paradise.

Engaging Activities for Everyone

Whether you’re snorkeling among the colorful corals, fishing in the rich waters, or simply relaxing on the pristine beaches, there’s something for everyone at the Abrolhos Islands. Geraldton Air Charter ensures a comfortable and memorable experience, catering to all ages and interests.

A Journey to Remember

As the day winds down, you’ll take off from the islands, carrying with you the memories of a lifetime. The flight back to Geraldton offers one last chance to gaze upon the stunning mosaic of islands below, a beautiful conclusion to an extraordinary adventure.

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